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baby swing weight and age limit enjoy mom life how long can your baby use a swing nothing pares to a baby swing’s warm fy and soothing feeling that drags a sleep deprived infant into a deep slumber baby swing weight limit 40 pounds infant stuff reviews the average maximum baby swing weight limit is 30 pounds or 13 60 kilograms some baby swings have a weight limit of 20 pounds e baby swing on the market right now will hold up to 40 pounds in weight we will run through the most popular baby swings and note down their weight limits for each machine what is the weight limit for a baby swing ensuring your newborns need a lot of nurturing and love during the first few weeks at home it’s a big adjustment for your little one as well as you most parents learn early on that a baby swing can mimic the womb’s rocking motion which is soothing to a baby 10 best baby swing for big babies heavy and tall baby it is no wonder that baby swing with high weight limit has a longer service life you won’t want to one with around $100 and can only be used for about 2 or 3 weeks the maximum weight limit of some baby swings reach 30 pounds therefore the big baby within the limit range can still be able to use it baby swing weight limit & other essentialities if speaking in quantitative terms baby swing weight limit refers to the bar or restriction specified by manufacturers to warn the parent against the maximum weight the swing can hold for instance if your baby swing weight limit is 30 lbs 13 kilograms it can hold a baby that is less than the mentioned weight if not followed it can cause instability of the swing